Crime Busting And Psycho-Social Responses To Lie Detector Tests

This short article reminds interested readers of why it is still necessary to use lie detector tests. And not just the psychological responses experienced when people are forced to take a lie detector test, the article also takes a general look at the psycho-social responses to the often controversial process of establishing trust, truth telling and solving crimes. Those readers who have a more acute interest in what has been introduced so far can visit interesting websites like for all the interesting facts, figures and history.

Those who love crime fiction can also read further on how some of the most gruesome and hard to crack crimes have been solved through the lie detector test. It has been proven historically that this is an effective interrogation technique. But in order for it to be successful, the lie detection tests need to be carried out by registered and qualified professionals. Sometimes, psychologists are called upon to help solve difficult cases. But controversially, pretty much anyone can use a lie detector machine. Thanks to the internet it can be bought easily from unscrupulous online dealers.

The controversy is clear. Unqualified people have access to these devices. And the reasons why they use these machines are often frowned upon. Take the job market for instance. All across the world, a gray area exists here. No potential employee likes to be screened in such a manner that he will be made to feel like a criminal. And it is always his right to refuse to take the test. The problem with exercising the right to refuse is that it penalizes him from a job opportunity. It has been argued that this is unfair labor practice.

It goes without saying that the use of such equipment should always be well motivated and done so responsibly. It remains, however, the obvious solution towards closing the book on a very difficult crime. When the person being questioned is strapped to this machine, the qualified interrogator can easily identify emotional or psychological signs that he might be lying. The lie detector test focuses on indicators known as automatic arousal. The human body’s respiration rate, skin conductivity, blood pressure and heart rate are monitored. 

The obvious signs are that nervousness and a high pulse are indicators that the person could be lying. But devious persons quite experienced at dodging the truth have, in the past, been able to get away with murder. Not any more, it is being said. Go back to the recommended reading material and you can learn how it is possible that someone is still lying, even when cool, calm and collected, never raising a sweat. Awesome stuff, indeed. But quite irksome when you badly need a job and you are having your dignity and sense of self-worth threatened with a lie detector test being muscled in your way.

Do not worry about this. Be safe in the knowledge that you are a law-abiding citizen and you have your rights.