Top 6 Hashtags of All Time

2017 is the ten year anniversary of the hashtag. How are you celebrating? Did you buy 50 Instagram likes to commemorate the event? Here is a list of some of the most popular and influential hashtags over the past ten years.

1.    #barcamp

This was the very first hashtag; or at least the one that gets credit for being the first. Tweeted by Chris Messina, there is no way he could have known the trend he was starting. I wonder if he gets royalties.

2.    #BlackLivesMatter

This is a great example of a hashtag leading a social movement. It started in 2012, after a neighborhood watch coordinator in Florida was acquitted of shooting and killing an African American 17 year old boy. Since then, it’s been used to spread news, awareness, and protests around the globe.

3.    #CupforBen

When Marc Carter’s autistic son Ben, lost his Tommy Tippee blue cup, it seemed like his world had ended. The company had stopped producing that particular cup, but it was the only one the young boy would drink from. Marc tweeted a picture of the cup, asking for help in locating another one. The world rallied and proved that humanity is not lost. Since then, Ben’s cup has been replaced many times over.

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4.    #TheDress

Is it blue? Is it gold? The internet nearly broke over this debate. People actually got really mad at each other and couldn’t understand how others saw different colors from them. It was a combination of bad lighting, and a weird trick that our eyes like to play on us, that caused this sensation. If you buy 50 Instagram likes, you might find the answer. Since this incident, others have tried to replicate the hysteria but with much milder success. Fool us once…

5.    #IceBucketChallenge

In an astounding show of people wanting to be charitable, while also doing something ridiculous, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was born. Videos of people throwing ice water over their heads went viral all over the world. It was simple. Tag a friend and challenge them. If they didn’t do it, they had to give money to the ALS foundation. The theory was that the shock of the ice water gave you a glimpse of what it felt like to have ALS for just a few seconds. Celebrities even got in on the action and began challenging each other, as well as making considerable donations.

6.    #HeForShe

When Harry Potter star, Emma Watson traveled to the United Nations’ Women’s Conference in 2014, this campaign was started. It was to raise awareness that gender equality not only benefits women, but it frees men from gender stereotypes as well. The campaign aims to engage men in helping towards gender equality.

And those are the top six hashtags of all time. Not only were they influential, but they helped bring the global community closer. They spread messages of love and awareness. It will be interesting to see what the next ten years has in store for hashtags.